Our Story

The Courtyard Brewery was built out of a passion to increase our original Craft beer bar ‘The Secret Sip’ into a place big enough to share with everyone.

We stripped the old building back to brick, and added our unique finishing touches, with the help of our amazing customers & friends to create the space you see today. The inside space, heated by our wood burner can hold 150 people, while the outside area holds 30-40 people.

The Courtyard is also home to our unique Street food hatch. Serving up a different cuisine from a different food vendor every week. meaning you can visit every week and gain different experience every time.

The Courtyard is also home to our own pico-brewery where we will be producing our own unique craft beers, to be served on the Courtyard taps. plus creating a pace you can also try your hand at brewing small 20Litre batches of your own beers (coming soon).

Finally, you are able to HIRE the space for your own weddings, birthday, christenings, baby-showers, etc.